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PeTtY iN pInK
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Sunday, January 18th, 2004

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3 pills Make me Bleed
applying <3
::name:: cati or frenchy
::age:: 16
::location:: tucson, az
::10 favorite bands:: cky, him, le tigre, msi, ladytron, blondie, within temptation, bjork, billy idol, spice girls
::5 worst bands:: good charlotte, new found glory, all american rejects, nirvana (sorry don't hate me), avril
::favorite books:: 48 Laws of Power, Fight Club
::favorite movies:: pirates of the caribbean, breakfast at tiffany's
::best thing about your self:: my looks or my randomness
::worst thing about your self:: i can be a total asshole
::why should i accept you::title or description
title or description
title or description
title or description
title or description
2 pills Make me Bleed
this is a community kind of like face the jury. what you do is you fill out this form..

::10 favorite bands::
::5 worst bands::
::favorite books::
::favorite movies::
::best thing about your self::
::worst thing about your self::
::why should i accept you::

and post three pics to be accepted.
Make me Bleed
::age::15 going to be 16 in April wh0op!
::10 favorite bands::
Something Corporate
7 Angels 7 Plagues
perfect circle
taking back sunday
switch foot
Brand New
::5 worst bands::
New Found Glory
Limp Bisket.. or w/e
avril lavigne
3 doors down

::favorite books:: "until they bring the street cars back"
::favorite movies::Happy Gilmore
Billy Madison
::best thing about your self:: im a good person, and nice to mostly everyone
::worst thing about your self:: cant stay still
::why should i accept you:: cause Im the best, jk... cause this should be fun

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Current Mood: curious
4 pills Make me Bleed
::name:: Crystal
::age:: 16
::location:: Ocala, Florida
::10 favorite bands:: I'm a necropheliac :o)
::5 worst bands:: No...
::favorite books:: I don't read. BAHAHA! I am illiterate...
::favorite movies:: Finding Nemo...
::best thing about your self:: I am a beautiful sexy gorgeous cute hot female.
::worst thing about your self:: I am absolutely flawless :o)
::why should i accept you:: Because Kyrsten is my best friend and she is a mod and because I am beautiful inside and out..
3 pills Make me Bleed

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