Rawr (alysalovespunk) wrote in pretty_or_petty,

I'm New

::name:: Alysa
::age:: 18
::location:: Dallas, Texas
::10 favorite bands::
Operation Ivy
Screeching weasel
Hot Rod Circuit
Anti Flag
Suicide Machines
Get Up Kids
The Ataris
The Unseen
The Casualties
::5 worst bands::
Puddle Of Mudd
Further Seems Forever
The Moffats
98 Degrees.
::favorite books:: Anything by Mary Higgins Clark or Steven King... But 1984 by George Orwell is my favourite book of all time.
::favorite movies:: Edward Scissorhands, Blow, Requiem For A Dream, Fight Club, Bubble boy, Big Daddy, Dogma, Final Destination 1 and 2, and E.T.
::best thing about your self:: My hair and eyes.
::worst thing about your self:: I get REALLY loud when I am REALLY drunk.
::why should i accept you:: Because i'm the coolest. Not really. I'm not cool at all actually, but I was invited here. =)

that's about it.. thank you =)

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Deleted comment

thank you =)
your hair is awesome, and your very pretty, accept<33
thankya <3
Accepted! ill stamp yah later!
woohoo thank ya <3
you like bubble boy.
which automaticaly makes you cool :)
erm i posted this like two years and six months ago, ha.